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Meeting Night:
Friday (
during school terms)

Meeting Time:

Age Limit:
14.5-18 years of age

Leader In Charge:
Joella Wakefield

Term Program

2021 Term 1 Program


The Venturer section is made up of of scouts aged between fourteen and half and eighteen.
Venturers are afforded a lot of flexibility in how they run their unit. Adult Leaders are there to ensure the safety and to provide guidance to the Venturers.

Unit Council
Members of the unit elect representatives onto a committee that is tasked with administration of the Unit. The committee is called The Unit Council and members are elected to perform specific roles on the council.

  • Unit Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Events and Camps
Throughout your time in Venturers you will be presented with many opportunities to attend events and camps. Notable major events include:

  • Australian Venturer - Similar to a scout Jamboree but for Venturers. A Venture, which is held every three years, is a major national camp lasting two weeks. The location of the Venturer changes to a different state every three years.
  • Snow Venture - An annual one week camp held in the Victorian high country which you gives you the opportunity to experience cross country skiing and a week in the snow.
  • Easter Venture - An annual hiking competition held over the Easter long weekend involving Venturers from around the state. The location changes annually and allows Venturers to hike through some of the best hiking locations in South Australia, including hike in locations often unavailable to the general public.

It's not just all about the major events, the unit will run several smaller events and camps throughout the year, a few examples we have had in the past:

  • Gliding camp allowing Venturers to experience gliding at Scouts SA's very own air field.
  • A 7 day trip to Kangaroo Island.
  • Annual group camp involving all sections from Ridgehaven Scout Group.
  • Caving camp. Giving the opportunity to explore caves unavailable to the public.
  • ANZAC day vigil at the state war memorial and ANZAC day dawn service at the Tree Tree Gully war memorial.
We also run many casual activities such as:

  • Home make over challenge at IKEA
  • Progressive dinners
  • Pool party nights
  • Paintballing
See what we're doing this term by checking out our Term Program.

Award Scheme
The aim of the award scheme is to widen your interests and knowledge. The highest award in the section is the Queens Scout Award.

The award scheme is broken into four main stages:

  • The Venturing Skills award
  • The Venturer Award
  • The Endeavour Award
  • The Queen Scout Award

Members of the Venturer section wear a Uniform consisting of a dark navy blue shirt with maroon stripes across the shoulders and the Ridgehaven group scarf.